Safer and smarter with wireless IOT sensors

Our technology


Adapted to rough conditions that we find
in industry, transport, construction and


Long service life, no battery replacement
or charging. Environmentally friendly
without a “use and throw away”

Smooth data delivery

Data collected comes from the real world
and belongs to the customer. Standard
delivery through app or API. Customized
data delivery through customer-specific

Easy installation

Innovative and patented attachment
methods. Flexible placement of sensors.
Intuitive, practical and customized solutions.


- a complete wireless sensor system

Do you know enough about your processes, machines and buildings? With sensors that measure continuously and are connected to the internet, you can get a digital reflection of the state of things. This is the IoT - Internet of Things.

With our wireless sensors you can quickly and easily connect your processes, machines, vessels and buildings to the grid. The sensors are small, robust and extremely energy efficient with a battery life of up to 10 years.


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