Cold storage monitoring

All companies that handle and process food know that the wrong temperature can impair the quality of the product. Incorrect temperature can damage the product and cause significant financial loss for the individual manufacturer. In addition, various government requirements are set for documentation of correct handling and storage conditions for food.

By installing the Neuron Air Humidity sensor (product sheet) from El-Watch AS, food companies can monitor their refrigerated and freezing warehouses.

Neuron Air Humidity sensor measures continuously

  • Temperature and humidity are measured every 30 seconds
    • Sends data every two minutes
    • Immediate data transmission for major changes

By installing the Neuron Air Humidity sensor, the user will be able to get a complete log of temperature and humidity that documents correct storage. This contributes to improved quality control and can serve as documentation in relation to regulatory requirements.

The operations manager, maintenance manager, operator, or the person the company wants to be notified will receive immediate notification via SMS / email if the temperature or humidity is outside the set temperature limits or has changed. In this way, the company can reduce waste and ensure good and safe end products for its customers.

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