Monitoring of saw blades in planing mills

It is a known problem in planing that a high temperature on the saw blade causes the saw blade to lose tension. This in turn leads to the saw blade having to be replaced. Such saw blade changes lead to a halt in production and a reduction in production capacity.

Another challenge is that without monitoring the temperature of the saw blade you do not know the real speed the saw can withstand. Does the saw have a higher capacity, and can the saw be driven with more load? By installing the Neuron IR sensor (product sheet) from El-Watch AS, companies can ensure continuous monitoring of their saw blades.

With Neuron IR sensor, the customer gets:

  • Continuous measurement of temperature at a distance
  • Measurement every two minutes – for 7 years
  • Easy mounting with magnet – one sensor per saw blade
  • Control the saw blade speed so that the saw blade does not reach more than + 35 ° C
  • Possible to set alarm limits for notification without looking at measurements in the app

With the Neuron IR sensor, the operations manager, maintenance manager or the operator will have full control of the temperature on the saw blade. Changing the saw blade can be controlled to take place during breaks or after working hours. This will help to maximize the production capacity of the saw and thus provide increased profitability. Some customers have experienced up to a 50% increase in production capacity by installing our temperature monitoring solution.

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