Neuron Tyre Health System (THS)

El-Watch has developed Neuron Tyre Health System (THS), which is a new way to monitor, analyse and manage the tyre health of large vehicles. This solution improves fuel economy and reduces emissions and microplastics polution, enhance road safety, increase the lifetime of tyres and decrease the downtime of trucks and trailers.


Real-time, online monitoring provides a wide range of benefits compared to standard TPMS solutions.

Neuron THS monitors the tyre health of large vehicles continuously. Warning by email, app notification and LED indicator if deflation occurs, not only when driving but also when the vehicle is parked. Collect and analyse tyre health data from your entire fleet to reduce wear and cost of tyres and fuel consumption. Compare tyre performance brand by brand. Detect defects in wheel alignment and suspension. Plan maintenance and decrease downtime.

Due to our unique Tap & Tell solution, THS is extremely quick and easy to install. Watch a demonstration of the installation at the bottom of the page.

The system consists of:

  • A sensor for each tyre that is fitted inside the wheel
  • A gateway that communicates wirelessly with each sensor*
  • An ambient sensor with bracket
  • Cable (14 meters) for power supply
  • App and web access for monitoring

How it works

The sensors communicate with a gateway placed underneath the vehicle, that transmits the measurement data over the cellular network to the cloud where the data is stored and accessible for the user. Normally the sensors measure every 10 second and transmit data every other minute. If the pressure should drop more than 0.2 bars within 10 second, the sensor will transmit immediately, and the reading will be pushed through the gateway instantly.

The gateway is fitted with an eSIM with automatic roaming. This means that the gateway automatically chooses the best cellular network in the area ensuring excellent cellular connection at all time.


The sensors are equiped with a magnet that fix the sensor to the cord inside the tyre. This means that when retrofitting the sensor, the tyre does not need to be taken of the rim, just push the tyre in at one side and the sensor is easily placed inside. This also means that the sensor can easily be moved to a new tyre when change is needed.

For quick and easy registration of sensors, El-Watch has developed the Tap & Tell solution. Use the app to activate the Tap & Tell mode, then hit the tyre gently with a hammer. The sensor detects the impact and it is registered in correct position on the vehicle. This implies that the sensors may be fitted inside the tyre prior to mounting it on the vehicle and there will be no confusion about which sensor is in which tyre. This also simplifies the change between summer and winter tyres.


Pressure range0-25 Bars
Wireless Operating Frequency868 MHz
Cellular network4G LTE with 3G and 2G fallback
Input VoltageTypically 24V (min 9V, max 36V)
Power consumptionTyp. 1 W (max 2.5 W)


THS System