Predictive Maintenance of Motors, Pumps, Fans etc.

Most production companies have a large number of motors, pumps and fans that are absolutely critical for the company to be able to carry out its production. Large resources are spent on maintenance and investments in new production equipment. An unplanned stop in production often has major consequences for delivery ability and profitability. By installing Neuron Vibration sensor (product sheet) from El-Watch AS businesses can secure  continuous monitoring of critical equipment. The wireless and robust sensor measures vibration level and surface temperature. The sensor is easily mounted onto the object to be monitored with the embedded magnet.

With our solution you get:

  • Continuous monitoring – The wireless and robust sensor measures vibration level and surface temperature every other minute
  • Easy installation with magnet – one sensor per motor
  • Set alarm limits after learning what is normal
  • Notification by e-mail, push notification or SMS if the measurements are above set limits

By installing the Neuron Vibration sensor, the company will be able to identify changes that give an early indication of faults. Maintenance personnel or operators can then check motors, pumps or fans that give an alarm. For example, removing things that are stuck, fixing things that have come loose, performing maintenance or replacing the equipment in its entirety. With our sensor solution, companies achieve efficient troubleshooting, more uptime and increased lifetime of critical equipment.

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