The wireless sensor system

Knowledge is essential to efficient operations, safety, maintenance routines and innovation. IoT sensors will give you a digital perspective on your physical assets

Our robust wireless IoT sensors provide you with real-time information about your processes, machines, buildings and vessels. Neuron IoT sensors will provide:

  • An early warning if something is about to go wrong; for example, if a power cord is overheating.
  • Better and more appropriate maintenance routines. Unnecessary maintenance takes time and may cause more trouble than good.
  • Improved confidence and better reports to partners, authorities and customers. Share your information with relevant parties.
  • An opportunity to identify bottlenecks and room for improvement. A broader picture will reveal aspects that are currently invisible.
  • A knowledge foundation for innovation and development. Neuron sensors will help you become future-ready!

Neuron gives you IoT in the blink of an eye

With our wireless sensors, you can easily and quickly connect your processes, machines, vessels and buildings to the internet. The sensors are small, robust and extremely energy-efficient with a battery lifetime of up to 15 years.

The system is beneficial, scalable and cost-effective whether you run an ice cream parlour or an aluminium processing plant with a harsh environment and tens of thousands of measuring points. You’ll save time, energy and environment!

As of today, we have a variety of sensors that measure: 

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • light
  • pressure
  • Water leak 
  • open/closed (for doors, gates and valves)

New exciting sensors are underway. We also have a convenient device – neuron digitiser – that allows you to digitize and upload data from analogue instruments.

Neuron sensors measure every other second and transmit via radio (868 MHz) every other minute. In case of abrupt changes, the sensor is programmed to send immediately. The measurements are sent to a gateway that passes the data through to our online cloud. You can access your measurements in the app and on the web immediately.

Neuron Dashboard provides you with real-time overview. You can set up alarms and warnings. You can go back in time to check yesterday’s readings – or last year’s for that matter – and you can download your data if you prefer to analyse it in another program. You can also forward the data stream to another top system using the API.