Differential pressure in industrial ventilation and exhaust systems

In industrial smelting plants, ventilation and exhaust systems play a critical role in managing the release of smoke and gases containing hazardous substances/particles. According to many workplace regulations, “procedures for regular inspection and condition monitoring of ventilation and filter systems” must be established. Additionally, written documentation of ongoing repairs, adjustments, and maintenance, such as airflow measurement protocols, maintenance logs, and air requirement specifications, is required to assess the condition of the system.

Digitizing Analog Measuring Points for Wireless Monitoring – Neuron mA Digitizer

In many industrial settings, precise and reliable monitoring of various processes is essential for safe and efficient operation. To achieve this, it is common to use analog signals of 4-20 mA to transfer status data from various types of sensors to control systems. Digitizers play a critical
role in this context by converting signals from analog 4-20 mA signals to digital data that can be processed and analyzed by modern control systems.

App-controlled Neuron Actuator for remote control

There are several remote facilities that play a significant role in how society functions, such as pump stations for hydropower and sewage. These pump stations are crucial in everyone’s daily life, ensuring efficient and reliable water supply to power stations and managing wastewater from homes, commercial buildings, and public facilities.

Valve position monitoring

In industrial environments, valve position plays a critical role in the efficient operation and safety regarding piping systems. Various machines and equipment in production facilities require precise control over gas and fluid flow to maintain optimal working conditions and ensure reliable production. Applications within industry settings may include monitoring valve position in automated production lines, controlling flow in piping systems, regulating fluid flow in chemical processes, or controlling airflow in air conditioning and cooling systems.

Monitoring cabin pressure in vehicles and cranes

When extracting and processing raw materials and products under demanding conditions, it is crucial to prioritize the climate and environment for the drivers and operators in vehicles and cranes. Trucks, wheel loaders, and overhead cranes operating in dusty and dirty industrial areas are particularly vulnerable. Industrial vehicles and cranes should be designed and equipped in a way that protects the driver from harm, including exposure to polluted air. Therefore, it is essential to monitor potential areas where the driver may be exposed to harmful conditions.

Tank level monitoring

Liquids of different types are necessary ingredients for all types of production, from the bakery on the corner, the towns truck workshop, and up to the largest production plants.

Condition based maintenance of assets

condition based monitoring of assets

An industrial asset, such as a motor, pump, fan etc., will need maintenance. Maintenance intervals can be adjusted based on how old the asset is, how the asset is used, if issues has occurred etc. With IoT sensors, the state of the asset can dictate when maintenance is needed

Clean room monitoring

Monitoring clean rooms

Systems that provide overpressure can fail, as any other system, which is why clean room monitoring is vital.