Monitoring cabin pressure in vehicles and cranes

When extracting and processing raw materials and products under demanding conditions, it is crucial to prioritize the climate and environment for the drivers and operators in vehicles and cranes. Trucks, wheel loaders, and overhead cranes operating in dusty and dirty industrial areas are particularly vulnerable. Industrial vehicles and cranes should be designed and equipped in a way that protects the driver from harm, including exposure to polluted air. Therefore, it is essential to monitor potential areas where the driver may be exposed to harmful conditions.

Tank level monitoring

Liquids of different types are necessary ingredients for all types of production, from the bakery on the corner, the towns truck workshop, and up to the largest production plants.

Condition based maintenance of assets

condition based monitoring of assets

An industrial asset, such as a motor, pump, fan etc., will need maintenance. Maintenance intervals can be adjusted based on how old the asset is, how the asset is used, if issues has occurred etc. With IoT sensors, the state of the asset can dictate when maintenance is needed

Clean room monitoring

Monitoring clean rooms

Systems that provide overpressure can fail, as any other system, which is why clean room monitoring is vital.

Busbar temperature

Busbar temperature

A busbar is a metallic bar for local high current power distribution Increased busbar temperature can be an indication of an issue in development or an issue that already had occurred High temperatures in busbars may lead to fire risk or to the busbar smelting

Engine hour meter in vehicles

Hour counters in vehicles

Most industrial vehicles have a built-in engine hour meter which is prone to human errors. IoT monitoring solves the issue.