What is a Thermocouple? A Complete Guide

Discover everything you need to know about thermocouples, one of the most reliable and widely used tools for temperature measurement.

New Product Out - We have listened to our customers and are launching Neuron Thermocouple Type K!

Now you can log and monitor in the temperature range of -250°C to 1350°C. 🌡️ At El-Watch, we like to work closely with our customers, understand their daily challenges, and help solve them through our technology and products.

Therefore, it was an easy choice to develop Neuron Thermocouple Type K, which many of you have requested and need in your production environments. We already offer a wide range of PT100 sensors, but the Thermocouple sensor has some features that make it particularly suitable in certain situations compared to PT100:

• Standard Type K connection
• Fast thermal response ⚡
• High tip sensitivity 🔍
• Resistant to mechanical impact 💪
• Lower probe cost compared to PT100 elements 💰

By offering both PT100 sensors and Thermocouple sensors, we provide you with greater flexibility, a much larger selection of sensor probes for your specific application, and the ability to use your existing Thermocouple and PT100 probes.

A Thermocouple sensor is typically used in industries where high temperatures are common, such as process and chemical industries, kilns, gas exhausts, and engines. 🔥

In the aluminum industry, Neuron Thermocouple also allows monitoring of the precise process of preheating aluminum cells during cell renewal.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your operations!