El-Watch makes
experts better

El-Watch is a technology company that develops and produces energy-efficient electronics and wireless communications.

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El-Watch makes experts better

El-Watch is a technology company that develops and produces energy-efficient electronics and wireless communications.
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Tor Øistein Skjermo - CTO at El-Watch


A fairytale of an entrepreneurial story - from the childhood bedroom to the world market with IoT technology

The young friends Tor Øystein and Ole had a vision of using sensors to look after both people and technical equipment, giving them a safer, easier workday and making sure to give their tools a longer lifespan. But they were ahead of their time. The technology was not ready for their ideas. So how could they solve the challenges then?

The El-Watch Team


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Ready to change the world with IoT-sensors?

We’re looking for talents with various background, young and old, who can help us change the world with cutting edge technology developed, produced, and sold from Norway.

El-Watch AS is in a growth phase and will hire more people over the next years to achieve the growth we are planning.

A new employee getting to learn the ropes at El-Watch.

Who are we:

We are first and foremost a tech company. This means that a large part of our employees are engineers who love to find technical solutions that add value to our customers all over the world.

We have a sales department that consists of employees with varied experience and education, but with core competence in finding solutions together with our customers.

To ensure that the products reach our customers and at the same time ensure that the customers receive the follow-up they deserve, we have a service-oriented support department.

To make our solutions well known, and to explain, present and exhibit them on various platforms, the marketing department is on its toes, eager to make marketing really work.

Lastly, to keep the engineers in check and ensure systems and order, we also have a finance department that supports our common goal: To change the world with IoT sensors!

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El-Watch environmental responsibility

El-Watch works every day to help our customers operate greener, smarter and safer – and thereby
reduce their climate impact.


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We offer over 50 different sensor types. Explore the possibilities in our product brochure.

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FAQ - El-Watch

Frequently asked

A wireless monitoring system utilizes wireless technology to continuously track and analyze the performance and condition of various devices and infrastructure. These systems are often used in different environments, from industrial settings to residential properties, to provide real-time data without the need for physical cables.

Wi-Fi monitoring involves using wireless networks to observe and manage the status of connected devices and traffic within the network. This type of monitoring can detect unauthorized access, optimize network performance, and troubleshoot issues remotely, ensuring the network remains secure and efficient.

Wireless network monitoring is the process of using tools and software to continuously oversee the health and performance of a wireless network. This includes monitoring the connectivity, bandwidth usage, and overall performance of all connected devices, as well as ensuring security protocols are adhered to.

El-Watch stands out in the field of wireless sensor technology through a dedication to developing top-of-the-line, robust, and user-friendly products. Five key features distinguish our sensors:

  1. Robustness: Designed to withstand extreme conditions, they are ideal for heavy industries, transport, construction, and agriculture, boasting a battery life of about ten years.
  2. Sustainability: Aimed at predictive maintenance, our sensors prolong equipment lifespan, enhance resource efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Ease of Installation: Contrary to the common perception that sensor technology is difficult to implement, our sensors can be quickly installed using magnets, adhesive tape, or zip ties and easily integrated using the Neuron Sensors App.
  4. Broad Offering: We provide more than 50 types of wireless sensors to cater to various industries across Europe, North America, and Australia, addressing diverse monitoring needs.
  5. Safe & Easy Data Management: All operations can be managed through the Neuron App. Data is securely transmitted via APIs protected with the latest encryption and verification protocols, ensuring data privacy and security.

These features make El-Watch’s solutions the most durable on the market and among the most innovative and sustainable. They are ideally suited for businesses looking to expand their capabilities efficiently and securely.

El-Watch operates globally, providing wireless monitoring solutions to a diverse range of industries. Focusing on innovation and quality, El-Watch serves clients in various sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, and building management.

El-Watch is actively seeking partners who are keen to offer competitive and innovative IoT solutions in their markets. We provide a unique range of products with validated use cases designed for quick return on investment. We limit partnership opportunities to a select number in each region or segment to maintain exclusivity and focus. Partners may choose to be resellers, integrate El-Watch products entirely, or combine them with their own software solutions. As an El-Watch partner, you will benefit from dedicated sales support, joint marketing campaigns, access to an extensive portfolio of use cases, customized solutions, discounts on all sensor types, and the opportunity to be part of a global network. We also offer additional support in delivering IoT presentations and conducting feasibility studies alongside our partners.