Tor Øistein Skjermo - CTO at El-Watch

The El-Watch Story

The El-Watch story started almost 30 years ago with curiosity and interest in technology. Tor Øistein Skjermo and Ole Furuhaug, 2 childhood friends, were shaped by an upbringing in Rindal, Norway, where exploring and playing with technology was a natural part of growing up. While other children spent time on more “normal” leisure activities, the friends spent time engaging themselves in technical issues. What motivated them most was solving “impossible” tasks with the help of technology. Eventually, it was the interest in electronics and radio that took over.

It is now more than 20 years since Tor Øistein Skjermo and Ole Furuhaug sat down and discussed the possibility of mounting sensors in safety cabinets to prevent possible fires. They started the company El-Watch based on the development of such a product. It turned out that they were ahead of their time, since the technology that existed only in the 2000s was not affordable enough, not advanced enough and too space-consuming for it to be feasible to start production of such sensors. But the thought was sown.

In the meantime, El-Watch developed other products with great success and these products have contributed financially to El-Watch being able to develop to what it is today. It has also provided extremely important experience in understanding what is important to the customer. What is required of electronics that are to be used every day and are often used in very harsh environments.

El-Watch is today a full-fledged technology company based in central Norway with offices in Rindal and Trondheim. The company’s own employees have developed the sensor platform “Neuron sensors” – an all-Norwegian product that include robust and wireless sensors, gateway, cloud solution and app, constituting a complete solution particularly suitable for industry. The sensors are installed in a few minutes and then have a long life with an energy-efficient battery.

The sensors are currently used by large global companies such as Alcoa and Smurfit Kappa, Norwegian industry giants such as Hydro, Elkem and Bergene Holm, but also small-scale producers such as local butchers, restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers. El-Watch has a large range of sensors that cover countless areas of use

The El-Watch story has shaped who we are and continues to take our company beyond what we could ever imagine. At our core, is a shared love of technology. We are curious and still try to solve “impossible” problems for our customers.


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