El-Watch and Swedish company Kompauto are becoming partners - aiming to offer innovative technology to the Scandinavian market together

El-Watch and Swedish company Kompauto are becoming partners – aiming to offer innovative technology to the Scandinavian market together

At the maintenance fair “Underhåll” in Gothenburg from March 11th to 15th, Norwegian company El-Watch and Swedish company Kompauto are teaming up for the first time to offer wireless IoT sensors to the 10,000 visitors expected at the fair. There are high expectations for both the fair and the collaboration, and both parties are clear that the time is more than ready for the industry to exploit the significant opportunities presented by data-driven decisions related to monitoring and maintenance.

“Plug & Play” 

Kompauto Nordic is a well established company in supplying high-quality measuring instruments to the Scandinavian process industry. They specialize in providing solutions for flow, pressure, and level measurement of compressed air, gas and liquids, ensuring the customers have the data they need to optimize their operations. Additionally, Kompauto offer complete efficiency packages for compressed air systems, helping customers to reduce costs and energy consumption.

We’re excited to announce the addition of the revolutionary Neuron sensor series to our portfolio from El-Watch,

says Business Developer Jonas Lindgren in Kompauto.

These innovative sensors utilize cutting-edge communication technology to deliver fast and easy installation of wireless communication of process data in demanding industrial environments.

Jonas Lindgren, Kompauto

Kompauto expects that offering application engineers expertise to help customers choose the correct measuring method, together with a “Plug & Play” Neuron data transmission solution, will give great customer value. 

Neuron sensors – a perfect fit for Kompauto

Kompauto claims that Neuron sensors will be ideal for their existing customer base.

Neuron’s versatility and performance cater to various applications across our customer’s processes, aligning perfectly with the needs of our existing customer base. The system also seamlessly integrate with our existing product range, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for all measurement needs,

Lindgren says, and continues:

We have great expactations for this cooperation. We anticipate significant growth in both sales of our existing product range as customers leverage the enhanced capabilities offered by Neuron sensors, and standalone sales of Neuron sensors themselves due to their innovative technology and attractive value proposition.

Jonas Lindgren, Kompauto

Getting on board

In the fall of 2023, Tom Eskil Grande from El-Watch was contacted by the Swedish company. Kompauto had been recommended El-Watch’s solutions by one of their customers who wanted to use this wireless sensor system. After a presentation of the Neuron solution, the Swedish team was fully onboard, and it became quickly apparent that a partnership was a sensible path forward. 

For Kompauto, there’s a nice upside as a partner to be able to offer Neuron sensors to digitalize their existing products, in addition to offering them as a standalone solution that provides added value for customers in need of IoT sensors,

says Grande. 

The chemistry between our companies was there from the first second, and it quickly became clear to me that the two companies shared the same desires for the future path. We’ve gotten to know a great team with strong expertise. The company covers large parts of the Swedish market, has an office in Norway, and also works towards Denmark. This aligns very well with our geographical focus,

says Tom Eskil Grande.

Jonas Lindgren has no doubts Kompauto’s end customers will benefit from this cooperation.

Neuron sensors will help customers optimization of process efficiency thru reduced costs and improved outputs. They will certainly gain new and valuable insights to make data-driven decisions,

says Lindgren, eager to get started with a new product in his toolbox.