El-Watch Strengthens Its Position in Italy with New Partner: Luchsinger

El-Watch Strengthens Its Position in Italy with New Partner: Luchsinger

Since our meeting with Luchsinger in the summer of 2023, it quickly became clear that this was a company that would fit well into our portfolio of partners. El-Watch Sales Commercial Officer, Tom Eskil Grande, travelled to Italy for further discussions, confirming our initial impression: this was definitely a company we wanted to collaborate with, and in January, the agreement that makes us partners was signed.

Luchsinger has been supplying sensors and measurement instruments to the Italian market since 1963. Founder Ing. Franco Luchsinger brought strain gauges to Italy for the first time, used for transducer manufacturers and stress analysis. In the 90s, thanks to new partnerships, the company also offered non-contact measurements of temperatures and distances/dimensions to the Italian industry.

Luchsinger’s customer portfolio spans a wide range of industries, from laboratories, universities, and technical departments to heavy industries and machine builders. The company attributes its long-lasting success to continuous evolution. Attention and demands from customers regarding technical expertise and good customer support have steadily increased. Additionally, Luchsinger believes that the broad selection of measurement principles and instruments in its portfolio enables them to always provide customers with the very best solution.

“Signing the agreement with El-Watch was probably one of the easiest decisions Luchsinger has ever faced,”  

says Sébastien Luchsinger, Head of Sales & Business Development at Luchsinger.

“The products, sensors, and software are exactly what the industry has been waiting for when it comes to IoT solutions. The Neuron platform is a very simple and intuitive system that effortlessly allows monitoring of large areas and production plants. We used to think that the main advantage of a wireless solution was to avoid cables. Now we know that it’s possible to both avoid cables and dramatically reduce the complexity of implementing the sensor solution. It’s incredible how fast a complete monitoring solution can be implemented with Neuron sensors and the Neuron cloud,”

praises Sébastien Luchsinger.

Tom Eskil Grande at El-Watch is very satisfied with having Luchsinger on board in Italy, in addition to our previously signed Italian partner, Gias Plus. The two companies cover slightly different parts of the market and complement each other well.

“In Luchsinger, we have found another partner who handles an agency professionally, and they seem highly motivated to invest in our product portfolio,”

says Grande.

“The company has been in the market for a long time, has extensive experience, an excellent reputation, and good references from other companies familiar with them. They also have a good size, will give us a lot of attention, and are undoubtedly very technically competent.”

Tom Eskil Grande

Luchsinger thus ticks many boxes for El-Watch as we continually expand our partner network. Luchsinger is focused on strategically correct segments crucial for El-Watch in our ongoing development. With their experience in other types of measuring instruments, they have good insights into our technology and what we aim to achieve with customers.

“I have a very good feeling here,”

says Tom Eskil Grande.

“When I went down to Italy to meet them for the first time, all the right and key people were in place from the very beginning, laying a good foundation for collaboration. They are already working with the first customers, and in February, Neuron sensors from El-Watch will be presented at a trade show for Luchsinger for the first time.”

Tom Eskil Grande

Sebastien Luchsinger shares the enthusiasm of his new Norwegian friends. 

“We expect a lot of fun! Working with the El-Watch team has been very enjoyable since the very first meeting with Tom. For 60 years, Luchsinger’s mission has been to bring new technology and solutions to the Italian market. Nothing pleases us more than visiting our long-term customers and presenting simple and good solutions to handle both new and old problems they face. In summary, expectations are high!”

Sebastien Luchsinger


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