Warranty and return
form THS

Warranty and return form THS Before returning any items, please read our terms for return of goods.

To return any items, please fill out this form, print a copy (from your email system) and attach it to the shipment.

The return address is:
Schenker Logistics AB
c/o El-Watch AS
Arendalsvägen 1B
SE-418 78 Göteborg

Terms for return of goods

Return of goods

If you notice a problem or damage to the shipment, packaging or content that may have occurred during transport, this must be reported to us as soon as possible. If there is an external damage, contact Schenker first. Before reporting an error to El-Watch, it is recommended to investigate whether the error is due to your own circumstances. Remember, however, that you lose the right to make a claim if you do not notice El-Watch within a reasonable time after you discovered or ought to discover the damage.

If you have been unfortunate that there is an error in your product, we recommend contacting your support center. Problems can often be solved without returning the item.

If the item is still to be returned, it is important that the product is packed properly. Then fill out the form with enough information for us to understand the problem. Type a short text in the “Describe the error or problem” field where you tell why the item is returned. The item must be shipped to Schenker, which will forward it to El-Watch (contact information is on the form page). Once you have completed the required information, print the form (the copy you received on email) and attach it to the shipment.

Warranty / complaint

Warranty is provided on our products in accordance with Norwegian law or to the extent that we are covered by warranty from our suppliers, minimum 12 months after delivery. It is the duty of the buyer of the product to check that the delivered item is in accordance with the order. Warranty repair, rectification or settlement shall be performed by El-Watch or approved partner. Our standard warranty form must be used. In all cases, liability is limited to the item’s invoice value.

Complaints due to defects in the item of sale that are to be made immediately are deemed to have been made in due time if it has arrived at the seller and no later than 14 days after delivery. The buyer is obliged to immediately examine the item of sale. Complaints due to defects that can only be discovered when the item has been assembled and tested is deemed to be done in due time when it is made immediately after the defect has been identified.

The buyer can appeal contractual deficiencies in the item of sale within 6 months from the delivery date, or within 3 months of operation for more than one shift. These deadlines will not be extended if the buyer fails to take the item of sale in use immediately, regardless of the reason for this. The seller has the right to remedy a contractual shortfall within a reasonable time. The buyer has the burden of proof that there is a contractual shortage. The extended warranty period applies only to errors that arise during the employment conditions envisaged by the agreement and by the correct application. It does not include, for example, deficiencies due to accidental events, regular wear or inadequate maintenance, including improper lubrication or improper use of the item of sale. The right to claim defects lapses if the item of sale, after it is delivered, is changed or repaired by a person other than the seller without the written consent of the seller.