PT100 Sensors: What are they, and which types are best for your needs?

This is your guide to PT100 sensors, covering applications, accuracy classes, circuit types, and El-Watch products. Find the best solution for your temperature measurement needs. Are you wondering what PT100 sensors are and how they can help you monitor and control temperatures in various processes and environments? Then, you’ve come to the right place! This […]

Minska elkostnaderna med sensorer i ventilationssystem (SV)

Värmeväxlaren i äldre ventilationssystem i byggnader fungerar ofta inte optimalt och resultatet kan bli att enorma mängder både el och pengar går till spillo. Med sensorer installerade i systemet övervakas centrala punkter som ger dig kontroll och överblick och du kan se till att byta ut delar som förhindrar optimal drift. Var lika smart som […]

Reduce electricity costs with sensors in ventilation systems (FI)

The heat exchanger in older ventilation systems in buildings often does not work optimally. The result can be that huge amounts of both electricity and money are wasted. With sensors installed in the system, central points are monitored. This will give you control and an overview, and you can make sure to replace parts that […]

Reducer elomkostningerne med sensorer i ventilationsanlæg (DK)

Varmeveksleren i ældre ventilationsanlæg i bygninger fungerer ofte ikke optimalt, og resultatet kan blive, at enorme mængder af både strøm og penge går til spilde. Med sensorer installeret i systemet overvåges centrale punkter, der giver dig kontrol og overblik, og du kan sørge for at udskifte dele, der forhindrer optimal drift. Vær lige så smart […]

Complete wireless IoT solutions for multiple industries

El-Watch’s wireless IoT solutions can be employed in endless ways; we simply started developing a handful of solutions and gradually expanded from there. Currently, we provide sensors for monitoring conditions, consumption, and performance in buildings, industries, agriculture, and transport. Our sensors increase efficiency, enhance safety, and promote sustainability in all these fields. At El-Watch, we […]

Optimal sensor technology for optimal business expansion

Close-up of worker holding an IoT sensor while standing in green natural surroundings.

El-Watch invests all our resources in developing top-of-the-line wireless sensor technology, and we daresay our products speak for themselves. El-Watch’s solutions are characterized by five key features that make them the most durable and user-friendly sensors on the market. Our engineering team has fully embraced the latest IoT technology and thereby increased sustainability in various […]

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

El-Watch promotes environmental responsibility. Our IoT sensors ensure greener, smarter, and safer operations that reduce climate impact.