El-Watch and Malone Group entering a new partnership.

El-Watch and Malone Group join forces

El-Watch and Malone Group are entering a new partnership. The Malone Group works with leading brands throughout Europe and North America to manage and deliver high-value, business-critical projects. The partnership will enable industrial companies to rapidly deploy El-Watch’s industrial IoT sensors to increase the visibility of plant status and implement Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions.

Through this partnership, Malone Group will offer customers in the UK and Ireland world-leading industrial IoT wireless sensor technology, which can be incorporated into control, automation, data capture and PdM projects together with the provision of intuitive, practical and customised solutions.

Customers in UK and Ireland interested in knowing more about El-Watch IoT solutions should contact Malone Group at https://malonegroup.com/contact-us/ or at IOTsolutions@malonegroup.com.


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