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Successful partnership provides industrial sensors for the British market

In record time, the partnership between El-Watch and Malone Group in Staffordshire has begun to bear fruit for customers in the UK who use industrial sensors from Rindal in Norway. Several large customers are up and running and have installed various types of sensors in their production environments to monitor, streamline and optimize operations, reduce costs, avoid errors and downtime, and conduct predictive maintenance on equipment and machines.

Malone Group is an Irish company with offices in Canada and Bulgaria in addition to the UK. They offer safety services, project management, engineering design, system integration, and technical solutions for industry in areas such as manufacturing, processing, packaging, maintenance, automation, research, development, and innovation. They have industrial customers in many industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, packaging, health, production (Industry 4.0), energy, logistics, and other commercial activities.

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Many of Malone Groups’ larger industrial customers often make large investments in predictive maintenance. They experienced that a large proportion of the investment cost went into the supply and installation of cabling associated with the installation of various sensor solutions. It then became natural for Malone Group to investigate whether there were good industrial sensor solutions that could provide the necessary overview and alerts wirelessly so that the actual cable cost could be reduced. The first investigations were disappointing. The environments were too harsh. The required industrial sensors were readily available, but data would not necessarily be reliable. That was before they learned about Neuron wireless sensors from El-Watch.

Wireless, quick, and easy

Malone Group’s Managing Director Phil Clulow was introduced to El-Watch and wireless sensors last summer. The sensors solved exactly what the company had been looking for. Robust industrial sensors that deliver data completely wirelessly using 4G networks, with an energy-efficient battery with long lifetime, and which deliver reliable data from the first second at low cost and with fast installation. Phil Clulow quickly set the tone with the CEO of El-Watch, Ingar Fredriksen, and in the autumn a partnership agreement was ready, which was signed in November.

Stephen Malone and Phil Clulow (Malone Group) signs the partnership agreement
with Ingar Fredriksen and Tor Øistein Skjermo (El-Watch) in November 2021.

The first customers installed our industrial sensors in February 2022, and the feedback is brilliant.

Our customers are looking for new and innovative solutions, more flexibility and faster installation. When we now present the sensor solution from El-Watch to our customers, they are amazed and impressed by the efficiency and simplicity. In minutes, our team can have a solution live on the customer’s site and demonstrate measurements in real-time. It is also an advantage that the sensors are small and easy to take out for demo purposes, as well as quick to attach or move to new devices due to the smart magnetic mounts. We then we get measurement data immediately and can view them directly in the app, says Clulow, and continues:

For us as a company, this partnership agreement is a major step forward. Good products that are easy to explain and demonstrate and that provide immediate value for the customer and also fit well into our development plans as a company. This makes it easier for us to offer our customers new and innovative solutions.

The partnership between Malone Group and El-Watch creates new possibilities for British industry by using wireless IoT industrial sensors. (Illustration photo)

Ingar Fredriksen in El-Watch is happy that Malone Group has found great use in wireless IoT sensors as part of their toolbox.

The industry needs the combination of simplicity and the ability to use data as they wish, as we offer. After all, the future is wireless, so this is both extremely relevant and future-oriented technology, he adds.

Partnership for the future

Fredriksen and El-Watch are now working to establish more industrial partners for Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The experience with Malone Group has made us confident that this is the right way to go for us. They have existing customers who need what we offer, and our sensors are often put together with other products and services our partners can offer, and they thus become a stronger and more complete supplier.

El-Watch has a wide platform with various industrial sensors that measure, among other things, temperature, pressure, and vibration. These are used in predictive maintenance, risk reduction, optimization and streamlining of operations to name a few. But the areas of use are innumerable, and of course, Fredriksen believes that this is something all industrial companies benefit from.

Examples of sensors on equipment and machines on customer sites. (Photo: Malone Group)

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We want to help companies around the world because we know they will profit from using our technology. We offer a digital toolbox the world needs. Our products are world-leading and have a documented effect on the industry. In short, we know this works.

And we want to be a reliable and fast partner with short decision lines who like to be engaged and available to our partners and their customers. We can show them new use cases and have a high level of expertise in technology, wireless solutions, and software, says Fredriksen.

Phil Clulow is quick to confirm Fredriksen’s views.

Our collaboration with El-Watch is very dynamic, and with flexible and timely responses from them in terms of deliveries and support, we have received a lot of good feedback from customers who benefit from this. We have received a lot of support from El-Watch in the start-up and are very satisfied with the commitment and the way our teams work together. We have frequent contact and that benefits our customers, Clulow concludes.

Want to become a partner?

A partnership agreement with El-Watch provides great value and new opportunities for both suppliers and customers. Maybe you are a representative of a company that sees the benefit of being able to offer this world-leading IoT technology. Or maybe you are a customer of someone you wish could offer this? We welcome anyone to contact us for a pleasant chat about industrial sensors.

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