El-Watch Neuron Sensors - A sixth sense for IoT monitoring

El-Watch Neuron Sensors: A sixth sense for IoT monitoring

Neuron Sensors are an integral part of the Neuron System, a complete solution for industrial IoT monitoring launched by El-Watch in 2019. Using cutting-edge technology, we made industrial monitoring and predictive maintenance more accessible than ever.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sense anomalies in industrial systems just like we sense aches in our own bodies? Imagine if we could treat weakening parts of production before they cause real damage. That is what Neuron Sensors are all about.

Unlike your average monitoring systems, Neuron monitoring is not intrusive. Instead, it is quickly integrated with your operation. It allows you to sense how your machines are doing and apply upkeep before serious issues arise.

The Neuron System is more than just a monitoring system. It adapts to your routines and enhances production by using wireless sensors, IoT monitoring, and predictive maintenance.

We are not yet able to upgrade the human nervous system, but industrial super-senses are already here. The Neuron System optimizes industrial operations and gives your company the edge to stay ahead of the game.


  1. Why is it called The Neuron System?
  2. The Neuron System’s main components
  3. The benefits of Neuron IoT monitoring
  4. Industrial application of Neuron Sensors

Why is it called The Neuron System?

Nerve cells are also called neurons, and in essence, El-Watch IoT monitoring is a nervous system for industrial operations. Neuron Sensors are like nerve cells, and IoT makes the synaptic network that enables free signal flow throughout the system.

The Neuron System gives you total control of your machinery and equipment. More importantly, it is designed to streamline monitoring by inobtrusive and highly adaptable wireless and battery-powered technology.

The Neuron System’s main components

The Neuron System is meant to become a natural part of any industrial operation. The idea is to enhance and optimize production without halting it, even when installing, adjusting, or upscaling. To achieve this, we’ve developed four main components.

The Neuron Sensors

The wireless Neuron Sensors are the heart of our operation and the nerve cells of yours. The robust design is made for enduring rigorous industrial conditions for years. The Neuron Sensors run on batteries expected to last about ten years.

The Neuron Gateway

On your site, The Neuron sensors communicate locally with the Neuron Gateway. This device is the link between the sensors and the cloud. By strictly controlling data flow in both directions, as well as buffering and preprocessing the data, the Gateway is essential for making the Neuron system so simple and user-friendly.

The Neuron Cloud

The Neuron Cloud is like your long-term memory. This is where all data from The Neuron Sensors get stored. Arguably, The Neuron Cloud is better than our brain since it never forgets anything and has all info readily available by a simple search.

Neuron APIs are also located in the Neuron Cloud. These are useful for customers wanting to use the sensor data in their own structures.

The Neuron App

The Neuron App is your installation tool, administration site, control panel, and analysis tool. When your Neuron sensor network is up and running, this is the only tool you need to keep track of your assets’ condition, consumption, and performance.

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The benefits of IoT monitoring with Neuron Sensors

The Neuron Systems offer a wide range of benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it enables predictive maintenance, which hinders production standstills, promotes efficiency, and enables massive savings in the industrial sector.

In short, predictive maintenance is continual monitoring of equipment to determine two things: How much strain can your equipment take, and when is it advantageous to perform system maintenance? The former increases efficiency, and the latter prevents unwanted production halts.

We are very excited about the vast potential of predictive maintenance in the industrial sector. So, we wrote an entire article that tells you all you need to know. Click here to learn all about how predictive maintenance works.

User-friendliness is another benefit of Neuron IoT monitoring. The Neuron Sensors and App are easy to install and start using. No training is required to streamline monitoring, increase production effectiveness, and keep your equipment safe from breakdowns.

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Industrial application of Neuron Sensors

Robust wireless sensors can be used for many purposes in the industrial sector. Predictive maintenance is quickly becoming most prominent since it increases productivity and promotes manufacturing safety.

Maintenance is not the only industrial process that Neuron Sensors can streamline. They are used in a wide range of automation processes. For instance, both indoor and outdoor farming use IoT monitoring to optimize plant growth.

Temperature sensors and IoT monitoring are also widespread in the food industry. Constant monitoring and customizable alarms, for instance, make it much easier to keep cold chains up to the standard of your local food authorities.

Neuron Sensors are also used for building automation to promote economic and environmental sustainability. IoT monitoring is applied to control buildingwide systems like HVAC, open/closed doors and windows, fire/smoke detectors, etc.

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