El-Watch and Italian company Gias Plus have signed a partnership agreement

At the end of September, El-Watch was able to place a new mark on the map of Europe, as they welcomed Gias Plus as another motivated partner. Gias Plus will now include Neuron wireless IoT sensors in its product portfolio, making El-Watch ready for Italy!

“Our goal is to become El-Watch in Italy! We will provide the customers in our region with the best service they can get,” says Andrea Flisi, Business Developer at Gias Plus.

Gias Plus and El-Watch came together at the SPS2023 trade fair, and Gias immediately felt they had discovered a gem of a product.

“We liked the extremely simple concept and philosophy of El Watch from the beginning, along with their approach to Industry 4.0. Easy installation, excellent products, and fantastic people led us to our conclusion: a great company that was easy to sign an agreement with,” Flisi states.

Perfect fit

Gias Plus is located just outside Milan and is the high-tech division of Gias Italia Srl. The company was founded two years ago with the goal of bringing cutting-edge sensor solutions to the Italian market. The company sees itself as a value-added distributor. We are not only buying and reselling products but actively seeking new customers, monitoring the market for partners, and always looking for new challenges.

“Our sensor began by offering solutions more suitable for customization (via partners Haptica srl and Nekotek srl). We quickly realized that we wanted to expand our range of IoT sensor products. Therefore, El-Watch’s Neuron platform is a perfect fit for us,” says Flisi.

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Stanislao Langella (Gias Plus), Andrea Flisi (Gias Plus) and Tom Eskil Grande (El-Watch) are happy to have signed the partnership agreement and are looking forward to bring Neuron wireless sensors to
the Italian market.

Suits the strategy

Tom Eskil Grande, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at El-Watch, is pleased to have secured the agreement with Gias Plus. He highlights that Italy is a large industrial market with many exciting industries. The maturity of the industry for technology implementation also makes it a market where El-Watch has great confidence in succeeding.

“For us, it was important that GIAS Plus appeared to be very proactive and motivated. They are a company that is already delivering technology today, with a goal of growing in this area. We have great confidence in the people behind it, whom we consider competent, skilled, and forward-thinking. Their customer segment is also well-aligned with our strategy, with segments like manufacturing and metal being a high priority,” Grande emphasizes.

“We look forward to starting the work of creating a market for El Watch in Italy. We are confident that together we can achieve good results,” concludes Andrea Flisi.

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