Neuron sensors by El-Watch will be presented by Status Pro

El-Watch and Status Pro form a strategic partnership to expand world-leading IoT solutions across Europe

Norwegian company El-Watch and German SPIoT (division of the Status Pro Group) are both very pleased to announce their strategic partnership. El-Watch develops and supplies world-leading IoT solutions, whereas SPIoT has specialised in the sale of cutting-edge IoT technology within its own sales region. The cooperation aims to revolutionise the use of IoT solutions through the monitoring of critical components for a number of specialist fields in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (the DACH region). The collaboration between the two companies will help them gather expertise and resources for the development and sale of innovative solutions that contribute to more sustainable practices.

SPIoT is the IoT division of the Status Pro Group and will represent El-Watch, as a first step in the cooperation, in its sales and marketing activities across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. SPIoT will combine El-Watch’s state-of-the-art IoT platform and sensor solutions with its own extensive market knowledge and network in order to market and distribute El-Watch’s products and services.

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CCO Tom Eskil Grande and CEO Ingar Fredriksen in El-Watch are very happy to announce the partnership with CEO David Foley and Product Manager Jens Erdmann in SPIoT, Status Pro.

– We are very pleased to have established a strategic partnership with Status Pro (SPIoT), says Ingar Fredriksen, CEO of El-Watch.

SPIoT’s IoT expertise, combined with their strong presence in the DACH region, makes them the perfect partner for representing El-Watch. Together, we intend to offer pioneering IoT solutions to companies and organisations, thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions for a more sustainable future.

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Growing demand

The two parties find that there is growing demand for IoT solutions in a number of industries across Europe, so the timing of the partnership is excellent. El-Watch’s renowned IoT platform and sensor portfolio, combined with SPIoT’s extensive experience and market region are well-suited to meeting this demand.

SPIoT benefits immensely from being part of the Status Pro Group. Over the past 30 years, Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH has achieved a reputation as a leading innovator in machine tool adjustment and calibration, whereas the SPIoT division of Status Pro focuses on IoT solutions.

The Neuron Sensors from El-Watch will now be presented at sales- and exhibitionactivities by SPIoT, Status Pro

IoT solutions make it possible for enterprises, authorities and individuals to effectively monitor and analyse the state of various machinery and equipment, along with parameters such as air and water quality and power consumption. IoT monitoring provides opportunities for early intervention in the event of faults and problems and contributes to securing a sustainable approach to operation and maintenance for customers.

-The partnership with El-Watch makes it possible for us to offer our customers a comprehensive and innovative IoT solution, says David Foley, CEO of the Status Pro Group.

-El-Watch’s industry-leading IoT platform, combined with our SPIoT Innovations and our 30-year history in the DACH region, positions us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers in this region.

Both El-Watch and SPIoT focus on efficiency, productivity and sustainability through their solutions. By joining their forces, the companies aim to develop the way companies and organisations in the DACH region approach problem-solving through IoT and monitoring technology.

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CEO Ingar Fredriksen

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SPIoT, division of the Status Pro Group

CEO David Foley

Telephone: +49 2327 9881 0


About El-Watch

El-Watch supplies world-leading IoT solutions and offers an extensive platform and sensor portfolio. Renowned for its innovations, El-Watch delivers pioneering technology that empowers businesses to embrace the power of IoT for improving their efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

About SPIoT

The IoT division of Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH ( SPIoT) is dedicated to helping its customers solve  monitoring needs by IoT solutions. SPIoT brings innovative IoT technology to the market, offering future solutions for sustainable operations.

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