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El-Watch international growth – Now up and running in Canada

In line with the worldwide increasing focus on digitization, green transition, and energy-efficient solutions, El-Watch international growth is taking off. Our wireless Neuron sensors are entering more and more business areas in several industries. In December, we put another pin on the world map after the agreement with Alcoa for their three smelters in Quebec, Canada. In late January, the first sensors were installed and put into operation in the giant smelters.

Alcoa is the world’s leading supplier of bauxite, alumina and aluminium with locations in Australia, Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Spain, Norway and Canada.  El-Watch has in recent years collaborated with Alcoa in Norway and delivered a large number of sensors to their two smelters in Lista and Mosjøen, both large units in Norwegian context that employs over 700 employees. The experience with our sensors in production has certainly resulted in measurable great value for the customer and opened new doors for us in the Alcoa system internationally. Their locations in Iceland and Spain are already on our customer list, as a result of excellent cooperation with the Norwegian sites.

Now we are going “overseas” for the first time and will deliver a total of several thousand sensors to a large company headquartered in Pittsburg. The Baie-Comeau, Bécancour and Deschambault factories are all located in Quebec and employ approximately 2,500 employees.

El-Watch goes international: Now in 10 new locations

Alcoa is one of our largest industrial customers, and we expect a multiplication of sales to them as we now expand from 4 to 14 large locations that will monitor their systems with sensors developed in Rindal.

The delivery from El-Watch consists of many different types of wireless sensors that provide opportunities for predictive maintenance, monitoring and quality assurance in production.

“Wireless sensors have provided many new possibilities for control for the Alcoa units that have used them,” says an enthusiastic CEO of El-Watch, Ingar Fredriksen, and continues:

“With wireless technology, the customer can now carry out measurements in places that for various reasons would not have been possible with wired sensors, and the measurements that provide a full overview can be carried out at low cost where previously it would not be profitable”.

El-Watch holds regular meetings with all Alcoa locations.

“It is a security for both parties, and a support and follow-up that by experience is receiving good feedback from satisfied customers, which is always nice,” smiles Fredriksen. 

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New Continents

And the El-Watch international growth has just begun. El-Watch will further expand deliveries in the Alcoa system, and during February a new pin can be placed on the world map, as Alcoa’s locations in Australia starts using our Neuron sensors. In March, the US will follow with its locations. By that, deliveries to 14 large smelters and refineries at our largest industrial customer are a fact.

“This is yet another proof that we are a world leader in industrial IoT sensors and are preferred by essential customers globally,” Ingar Fredriksen says, and continues:

“It is incredibly gratifying to note that the world-leading industry really needs the technology we develop and offer. This gives us great opportunities for internationalisation in the future, with large customers in the portfolio helping us increasing around the world. It also documents the industry’s focus on the green transition. Better control systems as well as reduced energy consumption are certainly on the agenda, and our contribution is really suitable to reach their environmental goals. This summer, we have the necessary certifications in place that allow us to offer our products widely in Australia and North America, in addition to selected customers like Alcoa”.

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El-Watch will continue to grow and more exciting news will follow in the future. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to follow the exciting journey and get insight into the capabilities of IoT and wireless sensors for different industries.


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