Neuron Cellular Gateway

Neuron Cellular Gateway connects your Neuron sensors to Neuron Cloud. The gateway comes with
integrated eSIM and connects both to cellular network and Neuron Cloud automatically. The robust IP67 enclosure enables you to install it in rough, wet and dusty environments.

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General Description

The Neuron Cellular Gateway is a powerful and versatile device designed to provide coverage for the Neuron suite of sensors. With its cellular connectivity, it provides a bridge between connected sensors and the internet, enabling users to view data in the Neuron app.

With its simple plug-and-play design the Cellular Gateway is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industrial automation, building automation, smart agriculture, energy management and remote monitoring and control.

The gateway has the ability to be managed and configured remotely which makes it easy to maintain and upgrade. All in all, this gateway offers a powerful and flexible solution for connecting your devices and systems to the internet, providing you with real-time data and control.


Principle of Operation

The broad range of Neuron Sensors connect to the cloud using the Neuron Cellular Gateway over the Neuron proprietary sub-GHz radio protocol. The advantage of these low frequency bands is that they travel farther and penetrate obstacles better than higher frequency bands, which results in a more reliable, low-power communication between devices.

The gateway translates the data and commands it receives from the sensors into a format that can be understood by the internet, i.e. TCP/IP and MQTT. The data is sent to the Neuron Cloud, where data is processed to be viewed by the user in the Neuron app.



  • Collects continuous measurement from all Neuron sensors
  • Measurements are uploaded to the cloud via the gateways mobile network
  • Integrated eSIM that roams freely between all available networks and selects operator based on the best signal strength.
  • Easily connect the gateway to the system with the QR-code on the gateway. Ensures immediate and accurate measurements to the Neuron Cloud, and to the the app on your phone/PC/tablet.
  • No need for configuration, only need to connect power.
  • IP67
  • Neuron PSU for Cellular Gateway IP21 included.


Typical Applications

  • For mounting in dusty, damp or wet conditions
  • For easy installation without the need to set up an Ethernet connection


Ordering Information

Part numbers
Neuron Cellular Gateway / Europe/The Middle East/Africa: 422210
Neuron Cellular Gateway / North America: 422470
Neuron Cellular Gateway / Australia/New Zealand: 422280
Neuron PSU for Cellular Gateway IP 21 (included) / Europe/The Middle East/Africa
Neuron PSU for Cellular Gateway IP 21 (included)/ North America
Neuron PSU for Cellular Gateway IP 21 (included) / Australia/New Zealand


Product Sheet

Product Sheet –
Neuron Cellular Gateway

Made in Norway

Our sensors are developed and made in Norway.

Neuron system benefits

  • Robust sensors
    Suitable for rough environments
  • Wireless
    Wireless sensor with integrated battery
  • Long lifetime
    Typical 10 years battery life
  • Quick installation
    Wireless, installed and operational in minutes
  • Collect and deliver data
    Data delivery through API and app
  • Broad offering
    More than 50 different sensor types available

Operational specification

Operating voltage:
10-32 VDC, Max. 5W

Operating Environment:
Temperature: -40 – 75 oC
Relative humidity: 0-100%
Altitude: < 2000m above sea level
Pollution degree: 4
IP67, wet conditions, indoor use

Radio Frequency:
863-870 MHz (902-928 MHz)

Physical specification

Nylon 6/6

Dimensions LxWxH:
131 x 115 x 33mm

Wipe clean with a damp cloth


CE marking
Industry Canada

IEC 61010-1:2010
FCC Part 15C
RED 2014/53/EU Radio
Equipment Regulations 2017


The device is delivered ready for use and will only need 10-32 VDC to operate. Seamless roaming ensures that the gateway always connects to the best available cellular network. The gateway comes with a power supply for indoor use. However, the gateway is water resistant (IP67) and can be mounted in wet areas together with PN 422336 Neuron PSU (IP67) or by the use of PN 422339 Neuron Power Cable (IP67).

To ensure the best possible signal strength it is important to mount the gateway with some distance to fixed objects. This applies for all sides of the gateway including the back of the unit.

At least 5 cm between the wall and the gateway should be obtained to achieve optimal coverage. This can be achieved with PN 422335 Gateway Mounting kit, or other methods creating necessary space, see picture below.

It is also important to place the gateway high up, this normally gives less obstacles in the nearby surroundings. Note:Remember to position the equipment so that it is not difficult to disconnect the power supply if necessary.

Neuron system: Wide range of wireless IoT sensors

The neuron system has more than 50 different robust sensors that can be installed in minutes.


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