Neuron Ethernet Gateway

The Neuron Ethernet Gateway is a device designed to provide a bridge between Neuron Sensors and the Neuron Cloud. The gateway sends sensor data using an ethernet connection to the cloud to be viewed in the Neuron app. This is beneficial in locations that do not have cellular coverage such as tunnels, underground facilities or on ships. The gateway is DIN-rail mounted, powered from 10-32 VDC and has two sub-GHz antennas to maximize sensor coverage.

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General Description

The Neuron Ethernet Gateway is a powerful and versatile device designed to provide coverage for the Neuron suite of sensors. With its ethernet and serial connectivity, it provides a bridge between connected sensors and the internet, enabling users to view data in the Neuron app.

The gateway has several connectivity options: Dual sub-GHz antennas, RS485, dual-USB type A, ethernet, GNSS and a potential free normally-open 30VDC/5A relay. This enables it to expand the range of connectivity and flexibility making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industrial automation, building automation, smart agriculture, energy management and remote monitoring and control.

The gateway has the ability to be managed and configured remotely which makes it easy to maintain and upgrade. All in all, this gateway offers a powerful and flexible solution for connecting your devices and systems to the internet, providing you with real-time data and control.


Principle of Operation

The broad range of Neuron Sensors connect to the cloud using the Neuron Ethernet Gateway over the Neuron proprietary sub-GHz radio protocol.

The advantage of these low frequency bands is that they travel farther and penetrate obstacles better than higher frequency bands, which results in a more reliable, low-power communication between devices.

The gateway translates the data and commands it receives from the sensors into a format that can be understood by the internet, i.e. TCP/IP and MQTT. The data is sent to the Neuron Cloud, where data is processed to be viewed by the user in the Neuron app.



  • Collects continuous measurements from all Neuron sensors within range.
  • The main advantage over our cellular gateway is that data is sent immediately, without buffering.
  • Measurements are uploaded to the cloud via an Ethernet connection
  • Easily connect the gateway to the system with the QR-code on the gateway.


Typical Applications

  • Locations with no/limited cellular coverage
  • Underground facilities, tunnels, on board ships/ vessel etc.


Ordering Information

Part numbers
Europe/The Middle East/Africa: 422316
North America: 422493
Australia/New Zealand: 422585


Product Sheet

Product Sheet –
Neuron Ethernet Gateway

Made in Norway

Our sensors are developed and made in Norway.

Neuron system benefits

  • Robust sensors
    Suitable for rough environments
  • Wireless
    Wireless sensor with integrated battery
  • Long lifetime
    Typical 10 years battery life
  • Quick installation
    Wireless, installed and operational in minutes
  • Collect and deliver data
    Data delivery through API and app
  • Broad offering
    More than 50 different sensor types available

Operational specification

Operating voltage:
10-32 VDC, Max. 10W

Operating Environment:
Temperature: -40 – 75 °C
Relative humidity: 0-80% (non-
Altitude: < 2000m above sea level
Pollution degree: 3
Indoor use, not for wet locations

Relay Rated Current:
Resistive load: 5A@25°C, 2.5A@75°C

Antenna ports:
2xSMA (RTXA, RTXB) for Sub-GHz antennas (included)
1xSMA (Cellular) for LTE/3G antenna (included)
1xSMA for GNSS for positioning (optional)

External Connections:
Ethernet, RJ45
RS-485 (optional)
2 x USB
Relay output, NO, SPST

Radio Frequency:
Sensor communication: 863-870 MHz (902-928 MHz)
Cellular connection: LTE/3G
GNSS: GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS

IP Grade:
IP 20

Physical specification


Dimensions LxWxH:
139 x 25 x 115mm


Wipe clean with a damp cloth


CE marking
Industry Canada

IEC 61010-1:2010
FCC Part 15C
RED 2014/53/EU Radio
Equipment Regulations 2017


This device is ready for use and requires only 12- or 24-volt DC and an Ethernet connection with DHCP to operate. Sensor data is sent immediately to the Neuron cloud, which provides low latency. The gateway has a local web interface for configuration of network parameters but has DHCP enabled as default.

The gateway uses secure MQTT to communicate with the Neuron Cloud, so port 8883 TCP has to be open for sensor data to reach the Neuron Cloud at

The gateway is best mounted on a DIN rail in a cabinet where you have access to a ethernet connection and a 10-32V DC power supply.

Note: Remember to position the equipment so that it is not difficult to disconnect the power supply if necessary.

Connect the cellular antenna and both Neuron antennas. If the cabinet is made of metal, we recommend mounting the antennas outside of the cabinet. Extended antennas are optional accessories. Please consult our sales representatives. An optional GNSS / GPS antenna can also be mounted, but this feature has not yet been implemented in the Neuron app.

The best place to mount a GPS antenna is outside, with an unobstructed view-of-the-sky. Connect the two Neuron antennas and the cellular antenna.

Connect the ethernet cable and power to the other side of the gateway. The gateway also has a potential free relay output, an RS485 connector and 2 USB A host connectors. These are reserved for custom use cases. The RS485 connector is not mounted on all gateways.

Neuron system: Wide range of wireless IoT sensors

The neuron system has more than 50 different robust sensors that can be installed in minutes.


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