PdM kit

The Neuron PdM kit is your very easiest entry ticket to get started with Neuron sensors, with a complete starter package perfect for predictive maintenance in industry. With simple installation and a low user threshold, you are up and running in a few minutes.

Experience how easy it is to get started and the huge benefits of our simple and practical IoT solutions.

General Description

Our best-selling sensor, the vibration sensor, is frequently used for monitoring machines, motors, pumps and industrial assets and equipment. The sensor measures both vibration and surface temperature every two minute and is easily attached with a magnet to the object to be monitored, without interfering with existing equipment. You can buy the PdM package with or without consulting hours included.

Principle of Operation

The sensor has IP67, is very sensitive to changes in vibration and will be able to detect, among other things, imbalance, rubbing, unfavourable resonance and loose components. In addition, the temperature of the object being monitored is measured. In binary mode, the sensor can also be used for logging errors and deviations.

In the Neuron app, which follows the sensor system, you set your own alarm limits and receive early alerts in the event of errors or deviations. The sensor is powered by an energy-efficient battery with a long life (typically 10 years) and is connected to a gateway (data collector) that is included in the package. From the gateway, data is sent to Neuron Cloud, which is the system’s cloud solution, and on to the Neuron app, which gives you access to all data with an unlimited number of users.


  • Immediate notification in the event of deviations – set your own alarm limits
  • Simple installation with magnet fastening – QR code links sensor to system and app
  • Energy-efficient battery – lifetime up to 10 years
  • Robust sensor for demanding environments – particularly suitable for industry
  • Complete system – Sensor – Gateway – Cloud – App
  • Developed and produced in Norway

Read more about the Vibration sensor here

Typical applications

  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Engine and pump monitoring 
  • Uptime monitoring 
  • Structure monitoring 
  • Lifetime monitoring of machines


Included in package

Made in Norway

Our sensors are developed and made in Norway.

Neuron system benefits

  • Robust sensors
    Suitable for rough environments
  • Wireless
    Wireless sensor with integrated battery
  • Long lifetime
    Typical 10 years battery life
  • Quick installation
    Wireless, installed and operational in minutes
  • Collect and deliver data
    Data delivery through API and app
  • Broad offering
    More than 50 different sensor types available

Operational specification

Measuring range***:
10A, 20A, 50A, 100A, 150A, 250A, 500A

0-10A: 0,01A
0-20A: 0,02A
0-50A: 0,05A
0-100A: 0,1A
0-150A: 0,15A
0-250A: 0,25A
0-500A: 0,5A

2% of Full Scale

Measuring Frequency*:
Every 10 sec

Report Frequency*:
Reports every 2 min. Or immediately if trigger for critical data transmission is reached, see below

Trigger for Critical Data Transmission*:
20% of range change in measurement

Operating Environment:
Ambient temperature: -20 – 50ºC
Relative humidity: 0-85% (non-condensing)
Altitude: < 2000m above sea level
Pollution degree: 2

IP Grade:
IP 40, indoor use

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Radio Frequency:
863-870 MHz / 902-928 MHz

Battery Type:
Li-SOCl2, 3.6V

Expected Operating Time**:
Up to 10 years

* Adjustable on request
** Depends on measurement frequency, amount of critical data transmissions and ambient temperature
*** Current outside the measuring range may permanently damage the device

Physical specification

POLYblend 65 FS / TPU

Dimensions LxWxD:
10A: 58x34x49mm
20A: 58x34x49mm
50A: 58x34x49mm
100A: 58x34x49mm
150A: 64x34x58mm
250A: 77x49x52mm
500A: 94x61x58mm


CE marking
Industry Canada

IEC 61010-1:2010
FCC Part 15C
RED 2014/53/EU Radio
Equipment Regulations 2017


Neuron sensors are ready for use out of the box and will start logging data after registering the sensor in the app. Even though Neuron sensors deliver great range and long battery life, following some simple guidelines for mounting of the sensor and gateway can greatly improve signal coverage and lifetime of the sensor.

To ensure optimal antenna performance and signal strength, the sensor should be placed elevated with some distance to fixed objects. Keep in mind that RF-signals are greatly affected by close metallic surfaces.

For sensors with an external antenna, the antenna should be clear off the metallic surface.

For sensors operating in environments with greatly varying temperatures, care should be taken to avoid putting the sensor in unnecessary stress. Very high or low temperatures will affect the battery life and the signal strength of the sensor. While some sensors must be close to the source of heat or cold, other sensors have external probes which allow the sensor to be placed at a distance.

The small, compact blue Neuron sensors are fitted with fastening holes for use with cable ties. The sensors are also delivered with double-sided tape that may be used for fastening of the sensors.

All the black Neuron sensors, like the Neuron IR380 and Neuron Vibration, are fitted with a strong magnet at the back for easy fastening. If there is no magnetic surface, then double-sided tape is a good solution.

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